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Helping UK businesses maximise the value of their MachineryVehiclesBusiness AssetsEquipmentPlantAgricultural Machinery

Regular online auction sales of machinery, equipment and vehicles throughout the UK

What do UK Auctions sell?

Plant & Machinery

We have a large list of waiting buyers for all types of contractors Plant and Machinery, from small plant to excavators and more.

Agricultural Equipment

From Tractors to Implements and Accessories, we have ready buyers waiting in the UK and export clients buying for the developing world

Workshop Equipment

All types of workshop equipment, engineering tools, machinery and manufacturing tooling wanted for waiting buyers.

Commercial Vehicles

We have buyers waiting for all types of commercial vehicles, as well as cars, both for export and home markets.

Why UK Auctions?

UK Auctions ensure quick, efficient, and transparent sales of machinery, vehicles, and other business assets, at low cost to the seller. By utilising a large international database of proven bidders, we can ensure that final return on your assets is maximised at point of sale.

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